Q: What’s the difference between laminate ply boards and solid wood boards?

A: Ply boards are made of thin layers of wood pressed and glued together to create the deck.  Plywood boards will have a bounce and flex, especially under the weight of an adult rider.  Solid wood boards are stronger and provide very little flex under even the heaviest of riders.


Q: Why does a solid board require less effort to ride than a ply board?

A: Solid boards don’t give the rider a false sense of footing, like ply boards can give, especially for a new rider.  As a result, the solid deck doesn’t scrub speed like a board that flexes.  Less scrubbed speed means less effort to maintain speed and momentum.


Q: Why are no two Purple Monkey Skateboards identical?

A: Most skateboards are cut from molds and stock patterns.  Unlike the common plywood boards, Purple Monkey Skateboards are rarely made from stock patterns, unless requested.  All boards are shaped from curve templates, just like hand shaped surfboards.  Every board is shaped around the rider and the wood chosen for the deck.  The fact that every board is made from distinct pieces of select hardwood ensures no two can ever be the same.


Q: How do I care for my Purple Monkey Skateboard to make it last a lifetime?

A: Look at your Purple Monkey Skateboard as an investment, possibly an heirloom to pass down a generation.  Care for it the same way you would a quality piece of furniture. Keep it out of harsh elements, keep it clean, reseal any major dings or scrapes, listen to your bearings, they’ll let you know when they need cleaning too.  Remember wood is always living and breathing, which is why it’s important to keep it sealed.  Rubbing wood sealer or even candle wax into minor damage on the ends will prolong the life of your board.


Q: Is it hard to learn to skateboard?

A: Longboards are the easiest to learn to ride.  We can dial in your wheelbase and trucks to match you comfort level and proficiency, and we can later tune your board to your increased skill level later down the road.